Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Beaded Locket Decision

My Beaded Locket class with Melanie Doerman is two weeks away. She is coming to teach the Dallas Bead Society, and I have been excited about this for months! The first project is a fully functional beaded locket and the other is her Dragon Lariat. Now it’s decision time. The locket kits were just posted on her site and I am agonizing over which color combination to choose. Black is nice because you can wear it with anything. Purple is my all-time favorite color. I love the idea of bronze; that’s a great fashion-forward color for summer. I really like the green one, too. It has a flower pattern on it and the shades are celery, olive green, and cranberry. Or I could buy my own kit and choose my own colors. Bronze and green might be just what I need. It would be cool to have a maroon and white locket and put my wedding picture in it. We had a Aggie wedding of course. Ah, decisions, decisions. I’ll definitely post the finished piece!

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