Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blue Waves Pen

I finally got around to posting this pen in my shop today. My table was filled my crayons, paper scraps, and Modge Podge, so I didn't have room for my lightbox until I cleaned up a few things! I also changed the prices for my pens today. I want to go back to the $15/7 combo instead of $12/6. It's not that big of a difference really, and I feel I'm getting what they're worth now.

The job search has ended! Monday I start working for Sewell Automotive. It's a great company and the people are great, too. I can buy more beads, but I'll have less beading time. Oh well I'll just sleep on Sundays!

I'm also a member of a new group on etsy called etsypink. We are raising awareness about breast cancer. Our site is still being worked on but should be up soon. I'm working on an awareness ribbon pen, and I should finish it today. My aunt is my hero and a breast cancer survivor, so this cause is really important to me.

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