Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Art Journal

I love art journaling! It’s my new addiction right after beads, and it all started with a book recommended by Robin Atkins of Bead Lust. A few pages I have done were intense emotional experiences (dealing with the past sort of thing), and others were just fun releases of creative juice.

The first one I’m sharing today is about my puppy Ruby. When I first moved to Dallas (December 2006), I had depression issues. I couldn’t find a job, I didn’t know anyone, and I was questioning my life as if it were a big sham. Sometimes I’d just cry for no apparent reason. I got Ruby in February 2007, and its amazing how much of a difference she has made in my life. I think the quote I used on the page sums it up well: “There no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.” To start off the page, I found a photo I had taken of her when she was about 10 weeks, and brought it into Photoshop. I used a “charcoal filter” on the photo, and hit print. Then I just went crazy with pastels and pencils. I added a leaf because chasing blowing leaves is her favorite past time.

This Buddha page just happened as I went along. I drew some Nepalese eyes on the page, and decoupaged little scraps of paper (left over from another project) all around it. Then I added the Four Nobel Truths of Buddhism: Dukkha, Samudaya, Nirodha, and Magga. I used paints, stickers, watercolor pencils, a popsicle stick, magazines, ribbon and tag, and tons of Modge Podge. I start my new job Monday, and I have art journaling to keep me sane. I’m really glad because when you are face to face with customers all day, there are things you have to hold back and release later!

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