Friday, March 30, 2007

Life goes on

I listed 2 new pens this week. The Spring Jagged Motion Pen (pictured), the Camo-Metallic Jagged Motion Pen, and the AGGIES Pen. I sold a ton of the AGGIES pens at the Winter in Aggieland Craft Show this past December, and I'm debating making an Aggies section in my shop. I'm really proud to be an Aggie and I'm hoping to get some more Aggie customers. Okay, I just talked myself into that one : )

I had a second interview with an advertising company yesterday. It really wasn't an interview at all. I spent 6 hours in the rain watching a trainer try to sell tickets to businesses on the assigned street. I wish they would have told me they were a canvass only to begin with. I thought they had the actual advertising account for the Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars, but they really just hire people to go out and sell tickets door to door. I'd do that for the environment like I did for my last job, but I won't do it for tickets, no matter how great the deal is. I thought it was part of their advertising strategy, but not the only strategy. So, the job search continues...


Caffeinated Crafts said...

Hi Mandi!
Thanks for posting on my blog!!
I love your pens! Especially the ladybug one in the last post!!
We should definitely do a business card swap! It is great to support fellow Etsians!! Convo me so we can figure out how many to trade!!
Thanks again!!!!

Mandi said...

Thanks Kathy I'll do that :)

Anna said...

Hi Mandi, thought I would follow the breadcrumbs back to your blog! Great pens and I've added you to my fav Etsy and blog list! :)