Friday, August 28, 2009

E-book Review: Making a Great Blog

I bought it, read it, did the worksheets, and applied what I've learned. Now its time for the review of Making a Great Blog: A Guide for Creative People by "Sister" Diane Gilleland. She also writes my favorite blog ever, Crafty Pod. At $12.50, this e-book is a must-have for crafty bloggers!

I've had several blogs since I discovered blogging, but after reading about adsense, blogging for business, and driving traffic etc, they weren't fun anymore, I couldn't think of anything "good enough" to write about, and they just died. Thanks to Diane's e-book, I have turned my original blog around, and blogging is fun again! Through the worksheets, I pondered why I want to blog, my goals, brainstormed ideas, and discovered that my blog shouldn't be about me. All the traffic stuff I was worried about before is happening all by itself thanks to this new approach.
"A great blog is about the whole world as filtered through the lens of your passions." -Diane Gilleland
Diane covers how to avoid all the problems I encountered on my blogging journey and the most important parts of blogging:
  • How to build an interesting and valuable blog.
  • How to create great blog posts and great photographs.
  • How to keep your blogging inspiration flowing over time.
  • The do’s and don’ts of blogger etiquette.
This e-book is great for someone who is just getting started, or to refresh the blog of a veteran. Thanks, Diane!

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