Monday, May 25, 2009

Something for Me & My Winners

I finished up this hand-bound Coptic journal in class last week. It is for myself. I noticed that I was taking my notes (blog or marketing notes etc.) on a spiral notebook from Target. I thought "I make journals, what an outrage!" I chose a paper with my favorite motifs: hearts, stars, and skulls & crossbones. I added exactly 13 signatures to this journal on purpose. It seemed fitting.

Also, congrats to Liz and Ann, my winners! Liz signed up for my email newsletter at the Etsy Dallas Spring Bash, and won the journal I raffled off to the new subscribers that day. Ann won the Cupcake Pen Giveaway by signing up for my newsletter on my blog. Thanks so much for your support of indie businesses like mine!

I plan to light a candle at 3pm today to honor all those who have served in the military. Happy Memorial Day!

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The House of Mouse said...

Found you on EtsySecrets, I love the look of your blog - very professional!
I gave you an award: